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MindStorms SDK 2.5 was released in December, 2002 by TLG.

I thought that all the things for which I want to LEGO Tower could be performed.. But when I start to build an application, there are some problems.

Ex. The TowerApi.dll and the TowerApi.h are included, but no TowerApi.lib.

Although, if I don't have *.dll, I can use LoadLibrary() and set the pointer to a function to the entrance of each function,

This operation requires time and effort and it is easy to make a mistake. So I make a tool that do this operation automatically and make an application named LTremo76 for showed the example.


Because the device driver for USB LEGO Tower is included in MindStorms SDK 2.5, we can use the USB LEGO Tower without RIS 2.0 set and enjoy NQC and etc.

Of course, USB LEGO Tower is made for RCX, but thought that another function was hidden in USB LEGO Tower.

I made LTremo76 for an example of use TowerApi, so it isn't convenience for an application program.

Although the program becomes complicated, I made the application named JoyBricx for easy to play.

About JoyBricx

The JoyBricx is a application program for remote controller for the Spybots and the Bionicle RC Fighter using the Joystick and Game PAD.

You could use not only Joystick and Game PAD but also the keyboard and the mice.

It remembers all your operation to replay, save and load files.

And now, I release the now version "JoyBricx".

  1. RCX/SCOUT support.
  2. Export NQC program.

Download & Install

I put here the zipped archive file, included the source code. It is not modify the system registry and only delete the holder for un-install.

How to play

It is too easy. So you may be early using it rather than reading this manual :)

# I wanted to write this program and have bought LOAS JOP-U234-CBL (USB Game Pad).

  1. Please Set your Spybots and RC Fighter different channels each other.
  2. This program can be used if there are X, Y axis, and six or more buttons.
  3. But a keyboard and a mice can also be operated, if you use to operate them, it isn't necessary to buy neither Joystick nor a game controller specially.
  4. X, Y axis are using for decide direction.
  5. The buttons No.1 to No. 4 are chose channel, you can select or more channel to send command simultaneous.
joypad key Operation Keyboard mice buttons
X-axis right or left direction. left-clicke on the ring
Y-axis forward or reward direction left-clicke on the ring
Button 1 CH 1 F1 CH 1
Button 2 CH 2 F2 CH 2
Button 3 CH 3 F3 CH 3
Button 4 All Channel F4  
Button 5 Start recording F5 Start Button
Button 6 End recording F6 Stop Button
Button 7 Change to Spybot Mode F7 Spybot/Bionicle Button
Button 8 Change to RCX Mode F8 RCX/SCOUT Button

Although Spybot and RCX/SCOUT cannot be moved simultaneously, but you can change by mode button momentary.

How to save, load and replay

All of action and the change of a channels are logged after push "Start recording" until push "End recording".

The warning dialog is pop up, when you have no saved actions and start new recording or loading file.

Click on the "Replay button" to playback recorded or loaded file.

When you save the actions, if you select *.jbx as suffix that is the native format of this program. In this case, plural sets operations and the mode change operations are recorded, it can be made to replay completely.

Otherwise you select *.nqc. If you choose RCX mode, you will get only the operation performed to RCX/SCOUT. And if you select the Spybot mode, only the operation performed in channel 1 will be outputted.

Others tested devices

Using USB to PS2/PS game controller, I tested 2 devices for "Sony PlayStation 2".

Analog joystick.

Game pad for PS2.

They work good.


Please keep the use the license agreement of SDK 2.5.


Feb. 2, 2003 v1.0 Beginning of history
Feb. 8, 2003 v2.0 RCX support, Export NQC
Feb. 9, 2003 v2.1 Joystick sensivity adj.
Feb.12,2005 v2.2 Bugfix, Saved NQC mode

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