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This program called "WinVLL" is a simple tool for the LEGO MicroSCOUT (included DDK or DSDK) for direct control and programming in "P" mode.

The USB LEGO infrared tower and optical tube (included with RIS2.0) are required, OR you can construct the WinVLL Probe and program via the output jack from your sound card.

I created this program, which is not associated with LEGO®. Mr. Nanashino contributed the VLL driver.
The program is simplified so that a child can operate it alone.

First I wrote this page. Steve Arnold polishes up my ugly English. Thanks.

Using the Program

  1. Change the LEGO USB TOWER mode to "VLL MODE"(visible light link), via the "Windows Control Panel".
  2. Latest Version v2.1b does not need this operation. It change the tower mode automatically.
  3. Launch this program (winvlle.exe).
  4. Connect the LEGO USB tower to the microscout with the clear optical tube (use tapered hollow LEGO pegs for end connectors).
  5. Power on the Microscout and set to P-mode using "SELECT" Button (LCD indicates "P")
  6. Using your mouse, click the buttons on this program's control section to send a VLL code.
  7. Program steps are stored in the microscout's memory, and are executed in order when the RUN button is pressed (Max 16 steps). IMMEDIATE buttons are not stored in the program stack, but will execute immediately when sent to the microscout.
  8. To enter and run a program, press "Delete Program" first, and program your desired sequence in order, then disconnect the optical link and press "RUN".
  9. The program is retained when the microscout is powered off, and is run whenever the "RUN" button is pressed while in "P" mode.


Next, I created the multilingual version. Many people contributed to make multilingual ini-files. Here are the LHA v2.1b archive and ZIP v2.1b archive.

  1. Extract LHA or ZIP archive
  2. You will find Winvll.ini file in English, Japanese and many other languages in subfolders in the archive.
  3. Please select your language subfolder and copy Winvll.ini in the folder to C:\Windows.
  4. Run WinVLL v2.1b.

If there is no subfolder for your language, please translate from English template file and send to ">me your Winvll.ini with a Print Screen Image in GIF format. I will re-distribute it with the archive.

I decided to release this program under GPL2 license. Please download from here.


v2.1a or later has a NEW function, "SoundVLL".

If you don't have the RIS2.0 and the USB Tower, then you can use this mode to communicate with the microscout. VLL Probe is required but it can easily be made, by following my instructions here .

Image Language Contributor
Basque Koldo Olaskoaga
Spanish Koldo Olaskoaga
French Marc Klein
No Image Danish Thomas Christiansen


Michiel Helsloot
No Image Italian Stefano Maffulli


Rainer Balzerowski






date  Ver.  Comment 
02/05/2001  1.0  First time released
21/07/2001  1.01e English edition released
23/07/2001 1.02e Error Message
12/08/2001 2.1a Multilingual alpha test
01/09/2001 2.1a2 Sound bug between Immdiate and Stored mode
27/01/2003 2.1b Set USB Tower mode automatically


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