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This program was developed in order to program MicroSCOUT which is the main part of DDK/DSDK using Spybotics.

I made some VLL tools before making this program:

Now I release a program called SpyVLL. It doesn't require USB LEGO Tower nor own made hardware.

If you have the standard kit of Spybotics, you can program the MicroSCOUT.

Please enjoy the "Power mode" of the MicroSCOUT, even if you don't have the VLL experience.

Download & Install

Please download the ZIP compressed package, and extract any where. It is included NQC 2.4 a4 binary,

This program doesn't use the Windows registry, but generates c:\Windows\SpyVLL.ini

How to Use

Please double click the icon of SpyVLL to invoke.

A program list will be located in a line with a left window if you push button of each command. It can input up to 16 commands (the limit of MicroSCOUT).

When you mistake an input, please click the line to choice and push the delete button. If you want to insert a command, please click the line to choice and push a command button then new command will be insert to next line.

"Save to File" is used to save the program. The suffix of file is set to *.vll. The program saved to the file can be re-load with the "Open File" button.

Let's input program list with pushing the commands button sequentially, and save them to a file at last. (Although saving is not independently absolutely required, since it is "a good custom".)

Next, push "Config" button.

Please select a COM port to use the Spybotics coupler. This parameter will be recorded, so you don't need configuration until the port will be changed.

Please connect the coupler to the Spybot and push black button to power on. Then push "Download" button.

A Dos window will pop up, NQC invoke and the program is sent to Spybot from PC.

Turn on the MicroSCOUT, the push "SELECT" button several times to display "P" on LCD.

Remove the coupler and connect a light fiber between a led port of the Spybot and a light sensor of the MicroSCOUT.

Then push gray button of the Spybot, the VLL signals will be transmitted to MicroSCOUT to be programmed.

At last, remove the light fiber and push "RUN" button of the MicroSCOUT to run program.

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Copyright (c) 2003