The Cave of Watercolor

I'm a Japanese of watercolor hobbyist. I am exhibiting my original watercolor paintings and color pencils.

Free Softwares


Sometimes I see following scripts.

#! /usr/local/bin/perl


#! /usr/bin/gawk -f

When you use multi-plathome env. or you don't know where is the command, this method is inconveniently and often rewriting is needed.

This program solves this problem.


This system is a onetime password authentication system, which reconciled advanced security and easy operation.

You can login to the Linux machine without input user name and password, using a removable memory device (ex. USB memory, Floppy disk, etc.).


This program was developed in order to program MicroSCOUT which is the main part of DDK/DSDK using Spybotics.


The JoyBricx is a application program for remote controller for the Spybots and the Bionicle RC Fighter using the Joystick and Game PAD.

You could use not only Joystick and Game PAD but also the keyboard and the mice.

It remembers all your operation to replay, save and load files.


This program called "WinVLL" is a simple tool for the LEGO MicroSCOUT (included DDK or DSDK) for direct control and programming in "P" mode.

The USB LEGO infrared tower and optical tube (included with RIS2.0) are required, OR you can construct the WinVLL Probe and program via the output jack from your sound card

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